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wash wash wash!! everything!!! Winze's Life Taking Photos
Day12-so nice weather!!It's the day I back my home!!!!!!!!!COME BACK!!!!!!!!! Winze's Life Thedayofwinze2014 Enjoying Life
年初二 午餐 Winze's Life
Taking Photos Sea Enjoying Life Winze's Life 吹海風
0630 heavy rain. We couldn't moved out of this building. Rain Taking Photos Winze's Life
cloudy day Winze's Life Scenery Taipei
Green island Nice weather! Landscape Relaxing Enjoying Life Winze's Life
Sea Taking Photos Enjoying Life Winze's Life
With my friend by the sea. Taking Photos Enjoying Life Relaxing Winze's Life
Where to go? Taipei Scenery Winze's Life
seat in my heart. long time ago. Taking Photos Winze's Life
Founded the new one that I haven't post on eyeem. Today is Friday and I will back home today. YA!! Flowers Relaxing Winze's Life Enjoying Life
臺北住兩年沒經過這裡 現在看到覺得特別興奮 Airport On A Holiday Taking Photos Winze's Life
good morning everyone. It's 9:04 in Taiwan and now I start my classes today. The weather is bad too. Wish everyone have a nice day. Relaxing Enjoying Life Flowers Winze's Life
Relaxing Enjoying Life Hsinchu, Taiwan Winze's Life
oh~Just finished my dinner. SAKURA in Yang Ming Shan. Some green leaves and pink flowers. Wish everyone have a good time. (use D7000) Winze's Life Enjoying Life Flowers
Winze come back!!!!!😂 Street Sunlight Road Streetphotography Hsinchu, Taiwan Enjoying Life Winze's Life Market
If you want,everything can be your scenery. Winze's Life Enjoying Life Taking Photos Streetphotography
褒忠義民廟。 If you insist on doing what you want,the world will be your pioneer. Taking Photos Enjoying Life Winze's Life Flowers
summer with my friend . under the tree. Winze's Life Enjoying Life
Day10- @泰山的小路Good morning. Nice weathe!!!!! Enjoying Life Streetphotography Winze's Life Thedayofwinze2014 2014/01/15
Black And White Enjoying Life Winze's Life
Day12-our family's green guys!!! Thedayofwinze2014 Taking Photos Winze's Life Enjoying Life
Day14-來城隍廟拜拜恰好碰上城隍爺誕辰。真是人山人海啊~~~~~ Relaxing Enjoying Life Winze's Life Thedayofwinze2014 2014/01/19
YangMinShan's beautiful SAKURA for everyone. I finished my work today and go to bed now. Wish everybody have a nice day. Flowers Winze's Life Taipei Enjoying Life
Somebody told me:"If everything changed,please keep your mind. Nothing can bother you!" Flowers Enjoying Life Taipei Winze's Life
Yes! today happened something made me felt so sad. I don't know how to describe it. But I realized that people will never free themself from human's dark side. The new SAKURA picture for everyone.Wish everybody have a nice day. Flowers Enjoying Life Winze's Life Taipei
Hello . I am back! Cat Winze's Life
Winze's Life 花椰菜 ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Traditional Market
colourful time . Winze's Life
一個人的shopping time Winze's Life
Took a short vacation at home. Seems many things got change in short time. It's time to go bed. Everything will be better. Wish everyone have a nice day. Good night. Flowers Enjoying Life Winze's Life Taipei
Trying to fly high! The beautiful flowers and new leaves. Flowers Enjoying Life Winze's Life Taipei
"If your every moment is me,my heart will fill with happiness." The song in my heart! Flowers Winze's Life Enjoying Life Taipei
Day53 2014.02.27 Finished this week's class and now back home. Waiting for daddy. Thedayofwinze2014 Winze's Life Buildings
Indoors  Winze's Life Sunlight Light
年初二 晚餐 Winze's Life
Dream Lake .Someone take this photo for me. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Lake Scenery Taipei Winze's Life
fly kite Enjoying Life Winze's Life Kite Flying Hsinchu, Taiwan
GYM Winze's Life Taipei
The flowers when I took on that day田中尋櫻.Found the SAKURA. Use my camera Nikon D3200 took many.I will show the photo to everyone in next week. Relaxing Enjoying Life Flowers Winze's Life
Flowers and blue sky . Taipei Winze's Life in August 2013
年初一新年 Winze's Life
Today!! Yang Min Shan!! With my dear friend!! Still flowers and I will show it everyday too.Please Like It and say something to me Thank you. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ (by Nikon D7000) Relaxing Enjoying Life Flowers Winze's Life
Dreaming for dream. Do what you want and try your best. Maybe everything is important,but choose the one in your mind. You will see the dream so beautiful. Taipei Flowers Winze's Life Enjoying Life
Winze's Life Landscape HongKong
Day48 2014.02.22 藤蔓藤枝藤條木 攀岩攀窗攀古房 Enjoying Life Taking Photos Winze's Life Streetphotography
Flowers Relaxing Hello World Winze's Life
田中尋櫻 Beautiful SAKURA 2 . Use Nikon D3200.Relaxing Enjoying Life Winze's Life Flowers
Go back to hight school in June .Winze's Life