A fraction of me

Honestly, I told you don't fuck with me that way Emotions just don't have a way of surrendering to me, I can deal with you and I can tell you, I'm down for whatever and feelin' you....but Shh!! Hiding The Matters Of The Heart!! <3 I been down that road once before, a long time ago, boy, my soul still here but invisible. Yeah you got inside my world, but you already know your living with a ghost, A Fraction Of Me don't be surprise, and don't get this thing all twisted. Dont Fall In Love I don't know what that already know this. I admit you came close, but I gotta run from it even if I don't want to. It's just I can't go where I know it will end up.
Wanna feel the cool air on my skin. Be free to be me. Selfportrait Enjoying Life A Fraction Of Me This life is just perfect, with all it's highs and lows. Young Wild And Free(;