Winter Garden, Dunham Massey

"Blues is a tonic for whatever ails you. I could play the blues and then not be blue anymore." B. B. King. Dwarf Iris Katherine Hodgkin Iris Flower Blue Iris Dwarf Iris Spring Flowers Eyem Best Shots Simple Quiet Love Beauty In Nature Beautiful Blue Bokeh Background Bokeh So Pretty Flower Head Flower Water Petal Close-up Plant Flowering Plant Stamen In Bloom Botany
Iris reticulata 'George' remarkably weather-proof thanks to its provenance - mountain slopes at 1,500 metres in northern Turkey. The flowers are completely unaffected by snow and frost and seeing them poking through a blanket of fresh snow is a joy. With or without snow they are my favourite early flower.... Spring Flowers Purple Spring Flower Iris Reticulata Dwarf Iris Iris George Eyem Best Shots Simple Quiet Love Simple Elegance Sunlight Bokeh Nature Focus On Foreground Mossyforest Flower Flower Head Closing Flowerbed Purple Pink Color Defocused Leaf Botanical Garden In Bloom Flowering Plant Petal