editted by me :P grabe namimiss na kita :( pero i know you wont even feel the same :( i love you so much and i wont even deny it :) :-) :( Halfaheart
day five: favorite song Decemberchallenge Dayfive Favoritesong Halfaheart bfs
Medal Medallion Heart Halfaheart Jewerly Love Chessyshit Heartshape
My new favorite song :( Halfaheart One Direction ThingsThatMakesMeCryThanEver RemindingMeOfSomeoneSpecialInMyHeart
"Only half a blue sky kinda there but not quite I'm walking round with just one shoe I'm a half a heart without you" ♥♡ Boatarde Halfaheart Onedirection Cute l4l inlove ♡
I'm half a heart without you ? Selfie Smile Halfaheart
Halfaheart ?+?=❤
I am ready! =)) Readreadread Booklovertoinfinity Halfaheart ABriefHistoryOfTime
Halfaheart Onedirection OneLove