Loveydovey <3

ronna and mico sorry for cropping you out guys XD Loveydovey <3
our first proper double date XD but i want to crop the two of us <3 Loveydovey <3
in this picture i was really jealous XD Loveydovey <3
you know,,, all i want in my life is you, ... with you I can be everything I want to be Loveydovey <3
a peck on the cheeks Loveydovey <3
hold my hand , one look , one smile , now I can never say goodbye Loveydovey <3
we look weird on this picture lol XD Loveydovey <3
my love Loveydovey <3
kilig . Loveydovey <3
only you can give me that kind of smile Loveydovey <3
almost kisses are the best \m/ Loveydovey <3
muah :* Loveydovey <3