Ear gauge

Lol in a hospital restrooms lol. Whats uo eyeem Bathroom Selfie EyeEm First Eyeem Photo Eye4photography  Original Photo Tattoo ❤ Selfie✌ Selfie😎 Ear Gauge Body Modification Ear Plugs
Black And White Close-up Composition Contrast Ear Gauge Ear Plugs Girl Headshot Human Face One Person Person Portrait Septum Peircing Serious Strong Young Adult Young Women Women Around The World
Welcome .y froends thanks for following me god bless you all my friends selfie of the night at 11 30 at july 15th night time hola EyeEm Body Piercing Piercings Selfie Piercing Body Modification Eyemphotography Selfie Time Art First Eyeem Photo Eye4photography  Selfie😎 Selfie✌ Tattoo ❤ Filtered Image Ear Plugs Ear Gauge Alien In Myself Holy
At my goal 35mm ! EyeEm First Eyeem Photo Eyemphotography Eye4photography  Collection Selfie✌ Selfie😎 Art Holy Selfie Piercing Body Modification Piercings Ear Gauge Ear Plugs
Me selfie Pure Gold Teeth Gold Gold Teeth EyeEm First Eyeem Photo Tattoomodels Selfie Time Body Modification Ear Gauge Selfie😎 Selfie✌ Tattoo ❤ Spring Has Arrived Eye4photography  Collection Art Eyemphotography comments me!!!
Me of 9/1/16 Selfie. ear gauge 1 amd one half inches or 38mm double flared tunnel.nose at 6 gauge at 1/2 length tattoos from 18years old done at 25. top to bottom comments please much appreciated Looking At Camera Headshot Indoors  Selfie✌ First Eyeem Photo Eyemphotography Collection Selfie Piercing Body Modification Body Piercing Tattoo ❤ Alien In Myself Piercings Art Ear Gauge EyeEm Ear Plugs Selfie Time Eye4photography  Selfie😎 Eye4photography  Filtered Image Eye4photography  Eye4photography  Tattoomodels
Fresh new at 38mm my goal! It is stone EyeEm Art Piercings Selfie Time Selfie✌ Eyemphotography Body Piercing Selfie Piercing First Eyeem Photo Eye4photography  Ear Gauge Body Modification Selfie😎 Ear Plugs Collection Animal Love
Its me eyeem. Follow me 8 gauge septum stainless steel. Lobes out for a few mins Collection Eyemphotography Holy Art EyeEm Ear Plugs First Eyeem Photo Ear Gauge Selfie Piercing Body Modification Piercings Selfie✌ Selfie Time Body Piercing Tattoo ❤ Dog Lover Original Photo Alien In Myself
Hi eyeem its me Tattoomodels Alien In Myself Selfie😎 Ear Gauge Tattoo ❤ Selfie✌ Selfie Time Filtered Image Art EyeEm First Eyeem Photo Eye4photography  Eyemphotography
Was now 35.5mm gauge. Water buffalo horn tunnel double flared EyeEm First Eyeem Photo Eye4photography  Filtered Image Selfie Time Eyemphotography Art Collection Body Modification Piercings Ear Plugs Selfie Piercing Ear Gauge Selfie😎 Selfie✌ Tattoo ❤ Tattoomodels
Me & my 44 magnum baby! Selfie time its july 7th at 10:05pm Tattoo ❤ Collection First Eyeem Photo Filtered Image Selfie😎 Body Modification Eye4photography  Selfie Time Selfie Piercing Selfie✌ Eyemphotography Ear Gauge Piercings Ear Plugs Art EyeEm Body Piercing Alien In Myself Bullet❤❤❤
Yes very red right now from stretching soreness. Im at 32mm. Soon 35 mm is my goal yay EyeEm Eye4photography  First Eyeem Photo Eyemphotography Body Piercing Body Modification Selfie✌ Ear Gauge Ear Plugs Selfie😎
Me and my art in ear gauge size 25mm 1'inch tunnel taken at night may 1st of 2016. Art Collection EyeEm First Eyeem Photo Eye4photography  Eyemphotography Tattoomodels Selfie Time Selfie✌ Selfie😎 Filtered Image Tattoo ❤ Ear Plugs Jewelry Photography Self Portrait Ear Gauge Body Modification
Its me ! For all eyeem fans amd friends comment me ... Ear Plugs Body Modification Ear Gauge Selfie😎 Selfie✌ Tattoo ❤ Original Photo Eye4photography  First Eyeem Photo EyeEm Bathroom Selfie Eyemphotography Collection Art Selfie Time Alien Encounters Alien In Myself Filtered Image
38mm 1&1/2 inches Custom made Glass Tip notch took 6 weeks to make this enjoy please comment Close-up No People Eye4photography  Alien In Myself Eyemphotography Tattoo ❤ Body Modification First Eyeem Photo Selfie✌ Selfie Time Ear Plugs Ear Gauge Selfie😎 Selfie Piercing EyeEm Piercings Art Indoors
38mm stones Collection Ear Plugs Ear Gauge Eye4photography  First Eyeem Photo Selfie Piercing Eyemphotography Art EyeEm
Irs me welcome today is selfie day july 7th s oh yea its me Alien In Myself Body Piercing EyeEm Art Ear Plugs Piercings Ear Gauge Eyemphotography Selfie✌ Selfie Piercing Selfie Time Eye4photography  Body Modification Selfie😎 Filtered Image First Eyeem Photo Tattoo ❤
Im fake sleeping of course hahahah. Whats up eyeem. Comment me only no likes please EyeEm First Eyeem Photo Eyemphotography Eye4photography  Selfie Piercing Holy Body Modification Body Piercing Filtered Image Tattoo ❤ Selfie✌ Selfie Time Alien In Myself Ear Gauge Selfie😎 Ear Plugs Art Piercings remeber remember only COMMENT. NO LIKES! Eat gauge at 36.5mm
Ear Gauge
what do you dream of when you sleep? Model Native American Indian Puerto Rican Mixed Girl Curls Ear Gauge Ear Tunnel Young Women Beautiful Woman Portrait Females Headshot Beauty Women Human Face Close-up Human Lips The Portraitist - 2018 EyeEm Awards