carillion , Klundert, Centerpiece
Vandalism , No Bikes No More
alles in de wind, bevrijdingsdag,
Freedom,windy, Holland, Remember,bevrijdingsdag Bevrijdingsdag  ,wo2,
garbage, balloon, Scrapheap
dog Froggie Relaxing Enjoying Life ,cold balls, Loyalty
water reflections That's Me , Mirror Reflection Selfienation
hoge bomen vangen veel wind, tree,bomen,nature
ballonnen, That's Me, Curious
Cats Composition Cute Pets EyeEm Nature Lover
mirror, , Klundert Water Reflections
Selfie✌ Taking Photos Me attitude
B&W Portrait
weather, lightning, nature
vogelpoep, nature too
wind, runnin,doggytag,chill,on his way
his name is Chill, friend,dog,my best friend,
mouse, killed, inside out.
Smart Simplicity , paaltje Street Photo
sky, morning , natural beauty
colourfull, shadowplay, sunny day
bliksems Darkness And Light
vandalisme, Vandalism Deformation Nacht Dark ,bowed Bow duo Duo Evening Walk
grace, whiteness
groenstrook Klundert, waterreflections
Darkness And Light
zolderraam , Klundert Freezelight
Nature On Your Doorstep Nature butterfly Taking Photos
mooie luchten
herfst, autumn, paddestoel
klundert, sky, Summer,
lucht , Klundert
Darkness And Light Sombrero Smoking
Darkness And Light
ikke That's Me
a new dawn, morning glow, ochtendgloren, sun, risingson,