How's The Weather Today?
Blackberry Mead 4 ways and some Tinctures
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Packrafting on Southport Lagoon
Foraging Pears to make wine and cider from a friends tree. Also just picked up 140 empty champagne Bottles
Southport Lagoon Beach
Tony Scheerers specially imported Garlic being cleaned by Mog for curing.
Clock Time Australia
Raspberries are coming on. The birds are starting to get more than their share though. Enjoying Life
Packrafting out of Southport
The doh moment when I realised i'd tiled straight not, as its behind the fridge, sort of, do I live with it?
Preparations for GReEngage Jam
Raspberries in dirty t-shirt, mmmn Enjoying Life
Walking up Hartz Peak
Shells southport Tasmania
Smoked Eel with Fennel, boiled egg, Broccoli and Pita crisps.