Hometown, for now. Totsuka Yokohama Kanagawa Japan aka Gumizawacho!
Yokohama Yokohama-shi Kanagawa I live in Totsuka
Upper level view Yokohama Totsuka
Totsuka Snapchat Nikon D7100 インスタ風
Racecar Vintage parked on a garage roof in Totsuka Yokohama kanagawa Japan
Fujisan is visible from Totsuka , in the midst yah, not today no....but I feel fortunate to have this view spot
Totsuka Snapshot Nikon D7000
Totsuka Orion
Flowers Rose🌹 Rose - Flower Roses Are Red Red Rose Red Flower Close Up Photography Close-up Totsuka Beauty In Nature Flower Japan Photography
Totsuka Station Nightphotography Urban AM2:47
5 mins from my place I see this view Totsuka Yokohama Kanagawa Japan mtfuji fujisan nofilter
Nofilter Mtfuji Fujisan from Totsuka Yokohama kanagawa Japan
3k skate in the dark to the Greendoor Totsuka Yokohama see you soon @nagimakabe . screw fashion. This light will save my life
Totsuka city Bamboo light display Station Yokohama
And another one. This is the view from my neighborhood Mtfuji Fujisan Totsuka Yokohama japan
Crownroyal pregame Izakaya Japan Totsuka Yokohama
Totsuka Snapchat Nikon D7100 冬
I love how I see Fujisan when I take the hilly route home Mtfuji Totsuka Yokohama
Yokohama-shi Yokohama Japan Totsuka
Kakashi_tb Totsuka Yokohama YokohamaJapan
Totsuka via Shonan Enoshima all night DJ party. Wish me luck starting at 1am
Greendoor Totsuka Yokohama @tetsuomurata @nagimakabe @itsumi_28
Totsuka Represent! Yokohama Japan
OMG!! Exploring on while Skateboarding I stumbled upon an Onsen in my city, Totsuka . Sooooo incredibly stoked right now. Open til 1am, equipped with Ramen , Beer Soba Udon FrenchFries IcreCream Facials & aa Barber