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Storytelling: 'The Sabrina Legend' ....Hafren is the Welsh Goddess of the River Severn: (her Latin name is Sabrina) The legend goes that Huns invading Britain, had a Princess, Estrilidis who was captured in a battle. On seeing each other for the first time, Estrilidis and the British King, Loctrine fell in love. The problem was, Loctrine was engaged to Guendolen the daughter of Corineus. This was a big scandal and couldn't be allowed to happen. During another battle, King Loctrine was threatened with a battle axe by Guendolen's father, Corineus, and was forced to marry his daughter. Loctrine couldn't give up his love for Estridis and kept her secretly in a palace near a place called Abermule. She remained there safely for seven years. King Loctrine fathered two children: a son, Madon, to his wife Guendolen. And a daughter Sabre* to his lover Estridis. (* Sabre is translated 'Sabrina' by the Romans) When his father-in-law Corineus died, Loctrine divorced Guendolen and lived with Estridis and his daughter Sabre. The jealous Guendolen was furious and she raised a Cornish Army against Loctrine, and he was killed in battle. Guendolen then moved swiftly and made herself Ruler of Great Britain to ensure her son Madan eventually became King. On her instructions both Estridis and Sabrina were thrown into the river and she ordered that the river be named after Sabrina so that Loctrine's infidelity would be remembered for ever. ...Eventually the River Sabre (or Sabrina) came to be known by its current name 'Severn' ....(not to be confused with the number Seven!) Sabrina Legend 🎻🎼 🎵🎶🎻 Bnw_friday_eyeemchallenge Bnw_statues Statue Statues Legends Legendary Museum Visit River Severn River Severn Worcester Uk Black & White Black And White Blackandwhite Black&white Black & White Photography Black And White Collection  Black And White Photography Blackandwhite Photography
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