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Wisdom tooth off in a split second... THEREWILLBEBLOOD Sqñ Teeth Blood PraiseGod
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Early mornings are my favorite time of the day. It's a wonderful gift to be alive. To enjoy the world. To live. It's another day to praise God - the reason of our existence and every morning is a reminder. 🌞 Goodmorning PraiseGod Itsabeautifulday Picoftheday Instalike IGDaily Likeforlike Like4like VSCO Vscocam Vscophotography Sayhello
thank you for all the birthday wishes, hope u all have great day. PraiseGod
Praise God for giving me an amazing family 🙏 PraiseGod Praise Praisethelord Godalmighty mercy jesus son god lord christ catholic family love togethere childhood child throwback
3 Topnotchers from my Alma Mater (MAMCC), and 3 Topnotchers from our sister school (MVC). ProudAlumnus ProudSDA PraiseGod
B&W Portrait Worship PraiseGod
Taking Photos Hello World Check This Out Hanging Out That's Me Praise Enjoying Life Cheese! Relaxing PraiseGod
從一個人到兩個人 從兩個人到與自己 從一個人到許多人 從許多人到一個人 反反覆覆群聚獨自 想說的是,一直都在學習如何與人相處,如何與自我相處,也慢慢開始在學著在兩者中取平衡,然而神卻是平衡這兩者的關鍵原因, 《你要專心仰賴耶和華,不可倚靠自己的聰明,在你一切所行的事上都要認定他,他必指引你的路。》 箴言 3:5-6 感謝主,在祢裡面滿有平安☺👫 GodBless PraiseGod Peace
Volcanos on the Mesa. God has blessed us with an amazing Feb day! On A Hike Walking Nature PraiseGod
In Loveeeee 💕💕 Guitar Love Playing Guitar Music ForGod PraiseGod Love ♥ Love Violão
Crisscross train tracks Train Tracks That's Me Check This Out Hanging Out Taking Photos PraiseGod Model Photographer Followme Nice Like Dopephotography DOPE Photography Enjoying Life Modeling Pray PhonePhotography Dreads Taking Photos Eyes Watching You