My mind of several months ago is extremely different from now . How scary! Justmyfeelings Justmythoughts  Nothingunchangable
My life has been full of ups and downs. I've loved and lost. I have achieved and failed. I've learned a great deal and would never regrets any of it. I'm the person you met that day many years ago and guess what I'm still that same person, I never said I was a good guy but I'm also not a bad guy. I'm the person that tells you what you don't want to hear but you accept it because its the truth and we grow a bigger bond than most would in a life time. Thank you everyone that has been in my life. I know some of you think I just stop communicating but that's far from it. I think of it as pause because the minute we speak it like time never escaped us. I love you all. I never hate because its an ugly trait to have. Love. Peace and smile you are never promised tomorrow. Nycalive Justmythoughts  Notaselfie Love peace smile hi in4mation in4m istepatatime words years strangers nohate positive sunnyskies longstory wisdom selfcontrol reflection
There is no right and wrong in life just choices and decisions. We enter dark tunnels and become blind at times but always trust your judgement. Life becomes what you make it, embrace all your choices with no regret only then will you see the clear path to the end of that dark Tunnel. Being blind is a state of mine not of sight. Enjoy your life, don't worry about what others think, they look at you like you are lost but you know exactly what you are doing. Living your life. Nycalive Herostunnel Justmythoughts  Wordsbyme Bigjoe53 Liveauthentic Livelife Youcontrolyourlife Embrace Lovelife Imnotapoet Clearthinking Nojudgement Oneofone Moments Blackandwhite Mypic Samsung Mrandrewfitzy @mrandrewfitzy