I took this and adored the result. so yeah, had to post it straight to here. my dog Daisy, one of my favourite subjects to take photos of Dog Animals Georgichan Close Up
i can't say much for my awful lack of posting. i suppose i just got caught up in things i forgot to notice i wasn't adding anything here. though i now have plenty to add. perhaps try and get a photo up every other day. yes you can hold me to that. Rain Georgichan Black And White
took this the other day for photography. one of my favourite shots from the shoot. Leaves Autumn Leaves Georgichan Photography
Earl Grey Filter oh southend pier :) love what the earl grey filter does to this shot. Southend On Sea Pier Georgichan
Sorry for lack of posting. been busy with my studies. may start finally posting pictures from my DSLR. Photography Lens Flare Road Georgichan
Hiking Photography Castleton Scenic Georgichan
would anyone be interested in me uploading photos i've taken with my camera/manipulations? Park Nature Green Georgichan
Gabrielle Aplin - The 16th of November 2013 she was amazing live Gabrielle Aplin Concert Georgichan
Sunset Photography Georgichan France
Food P London Photography Georgichan