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Riches; achievements may take us to the most honourable positions or highly recognised accreditings in the world, still under the grave the decomposition process is the same for everyone. We all go back to what we're all made of. For a moment I stood still when I saw a little girl feeding the birds. She only had a piece of bread in her hand yet she was so cheerful to give it away to the birds. We often hold things back from giving it to the needy so that we may store up wealth for the future, but let me tell you our tomorrow's are not a guarantee, death can visit us anytime in life like an uninvited guest. So do good while you've the opportunity, give while you've the earnings, help while you're able, smile until the pain drowns you, forgive everyone as Christ forgave you, and love as long as you're alive. Let go of the treasures and let God to work in your life. Giving Loving Caring Compassionate Lovegod Lovepeople Generous Forgive Compassion Donotholdback
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Estou há cerca de 40 minutos parado e sentado na calçada da Paulista apenas vendo o povo passar e conversando com estranhos. Cara, como eu adoro isso. Dizem que eu converso até com poste e é a mais pura verdade Lovepeople
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As I entered a restaurant, it's furniture, lights; decorations caught my attention, it was very orderly and attractive, kind of persuades you to grab a chair to sit down and have a meal. After coupe of days I started working there. My titanic expectation soon got wreaked as I saw the kitchen, it was a total disorder, looked so hideous. People; possession may look so glistening outwardly but what really matters is an adorning heart abundant of love. Everything else has its end, as age takes old of our skin begins to loosen its silkiness, but love never loosens rather it binds us more and more as it matures. Love is intangible yet can be perceived through our action. A perfect action of love is found on the cross, it teaches us the underling principles of love. Love Lovegod Lovepeople Binds Builds Internal InnerBeauty Neverends Loveyourenemies Beautifulheart
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'Yolo' will be the tag line for us when we're young. We want to try; taste everything in life, everything that is available to us in the world. Have you ever wondered of your future days? I saw an old man sitting down, it was obvious for me to notice the weariness on his body, and a sense of downfall in his eyes. Solomon was a king who ruled Israel, he was a man of great wisdom, he wrote 'Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth.' Guys knowing Jesus is prime in life. He is the greatest treasure that you'll ever find, once you find Him you'll sell everything to purse Him, to make Him yours. At the end of the day we all live to enjoy life, to love, to have joy, peace; comfort and Jesus is the fountain of all. God is not angry at you...He adores you! Ecclesiastes12:1 Godlovesyou Lovegod Lovepeople Jesus Greatest Love Peace Yolo Comfort
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All of us have cried in life, at least once. Tears is an emotional response within our inner being or an out flow of what we've in our heart. In scriptures it is written 'Jesus stood up cried out.' Did He cry out for himself? No never He cried for the people, He loved the people so much, and was compassionate to them. This word can be reflected into our lives too, we shed tears for a lot of things but God's conclusive desires is that we pray for others too, and that we love others even the ones who persecute us. So next time when you pray don't just pray for yourself, pray for other too and love them. After all only love can drive out hate. PrayForOthers Lovegod Lovepeople Lovelife Compassion Mercy  Reflection
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Push me beyond my limits and I feel I live my life completely, I met myself in you and I looked over, beyond any unimaginable limit. I looked deep in your eyes trying to understand you but, I saw everything about me I never wanted to see. I saw my fragility and my insecurity my feelings of guilt and my complexes my fears and my intolerance I saw my darkness and my demons so, I looked even further and in the depths of my heart, a stormy sea, an immense ocean where you can dive and get lost and there in the depths of my soul I understood I felt pleasure and pride in understanding what I feel today in knowing who I really am today now I know that I love beautiful things I know that I love everything that life offers me and one of those is you. (Paulo Coelho) Woman Face Woman Young Women Of EyeEm Black&white Black And White Portrait Black And White Collection  Black And White Long Hair Black Color Woman Of EyeEm Beautiful People Beauty Beautiful ♥ Love Friends Love ♥ Looking At Camera Beautyful  Lovelovelove Lovepeople Young Women Beautiful Woman Beauty Women Portrait Human Face
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