4 years

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Love Human Body Part Adult People Indoors  Adults Only Young Adult Young Women Two People Headshot Portrait Since 4 Years  Goldenmoments Loveyou Loveforever Loveforeverandalways
Sister Love ♡ 4 Years
4 Years
Tattoo Life Ink Tattoo Promise Kept Goodbye To Romance All For Nothing 4 Years  Four Years Together Deception Lies When? Who?  All? How Long? ... Why? Why? Just Why? So Low... Despicable Blindsided Hot Ink Tattoo Vallejo,ca Didn't Even Want To See... Cold As Ice Goodbye
Food Birthday Cake 4 Years  Birthday Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake
時間是不會停止的 過去只能成為回憶 我們能做的只有珍惜 我們各走各路 盼望將來也能暢所欲言 我為了追尋夢想 放棄了餘下兩年和你們生活的時光 你們比我擁有得多 我希望你們會比我快樂得多 但願你們能達成自己的夢 :給和我一起生活四年的你們 My Dormitory Family 4 Years  😻😻😻❤️
One Direction 4 Years