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Another Grand Canyon pic ... another addition to the America's West Series ✨ EyeEm Nature Lover
tonight I think it will be a few additions to America's West Series ... this was a pic from summer 2012 near Sedona AZ ✨ Cloudporn NEM Landscapes
A Sonoran Desert sunrise captured in Phoenix earlier this week ... good morning ... afternoon ... or evening to all ... I wish all peace and joy on this eve of Christmas Day ✨ EyeEm Nature Lover Sunrise America's West Series
A little closer view ... I wish I had a better camera back then ✨ America's West Series Water Reflections EyeEm Nature Lover ✨ picture 2 of 3
Up in some hills in SoCal ... it was a bright beautiful morning ✨ EyeEm Nature Lover America's West Series Hdr_Collection
A rugged Phoenix addition to the Sunset_collection ✨ Cloudporn America's West Series
An EyeEm friend as where the pic I posted earlier today was taken ... I replied that I would be posting several more later today and tomorrow taken at Bryce National Park ... I hope all of you enjoy these. The spires in these pictures are from Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. They are not totally unique to this area, but from what I have read, they exist in relatively few places in the world. The hoodoos in Bryce have a legend from the Paiute Indians, who inhabited the area for hundreds of years before the arrival of European Americans. It was their belief the colorful hoodoos are ancient "Legend People" who were turned to stone as punishment for bad deeds. ✨ America's West Series Bryce Canyon NEM Landscapes
The previous pic was from the top side of the bridge ... this is a view looking up at the Tonto Natural Bridge America's West Series EyeEm Best Shots - Nature Hdr_Collection
Tonight's second addition to America's West Series is not far from Zion National Park in Utah ... an absolutely wonderful place NEM Landscapes
A bit more of the Desert Botanical Garden ... with some early morning hues ... and an addition to the Hdr_Collection as well as the America's West Series
In August 2012 the family traveled to SW Utah. Many of the photos I have posted over the past few weeks of the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Park were from that trip. This pic is from that trip as well. It is likely one of my more memorable experiences. My older son and I hiked 17 miles (27 KM) on what as known as "The Narrows" in Zion National Park (can't imagine where they got that name). The trip was beautiful beyond words ... and grueling beyond my imagination... 60 - 70% of the time "the trail" was the stream bed ... complete with knee deep turbid water, an uneven river bed complete with slippery mud and mossy stones. We overnighted at about the half way point with nothing but stars above us and roaring river all around. The adventures were many, tho the one I will never forget is while negotiating some rapids the rocky stream bed disappeared and I and my son suddenly found ourselves swimming ... backpacks and all ... and yes a backpack full of water is pretty heavy. Should you ever be fortunate to get to Zion, it is an experience I highly recommend ... oh yeah ... that little spec in the lower left hand corner ... that's me.✨ EyeEm Nature Lover America's West Series Zion National Park
One last pic for now ... this was from last night somewhere in the Tonto National Forest ... I was waiting for sunset in this spot ... I thought this Hdr_Collection Landscape_Collection pic came out kind of cool Eye Em Nature Lover America's West Series
Some cool cacti outside of Tucson AZ Hdr_Collection Where Is The Watermark America's West Series Perfekt Day
another day ... another addition to the America's West Series ✨Todays Bw_collection pic is of Montana's Glacier National Park ... a truly wonderful place in a truly magnificent part of the world ✨ EyeEm Nature Lover
this pic is from a vacation last summer to Arizona and Utah is the unimaginely beautiful Grand Canyon ... we caught this right at sunset ... a sight to behold with beauty beyond words ✨ this is also the first pic in another new album entilted America's West Series an idea that came to be through the suggestion of
I had a nice day yesterday on my mini adventure in the mountains north of Phoenix ... one of my spur of the moments stops was the Tonto Natural Bridge ... it is claimed (in Wikipedia) to be the world's largest natural bridge ... who knew ... my only regret is that I arrived there too close to closing and couldn't take as many pics as I would like ... the next few will be of that cool site ✨ America's West Series Eye Em Nature Lover HDR Collection
"The Narrows" is such a grand experience it truly deserves more than one pic ✨ EyeEm Nature Lover America's West Series Zion National Park
Another view of the Hoodoos ... and ... Bryce Canyon ✨ America's West Series EyeEm Nature Lover NEM Landscapes
Right outside Tucson there is a great treat called Mount Lemmon ... You can drive to nearly the top ... at the base you can be in short sleeves and at the top be snow skiing. The sun was beginning to hide for the day as I took this Light And Shadow pic ✨ EyeEm Nature Lover Hdr_Collection America's West Series
perseverance ✨ TreePorn Bw_collection America's West Series
It appears that like me, several of you enjoyed the hoodoo legend ... Based upon that I figured I would add a bit more "A Paiute Indian myth says "the animal legend people who lived in Bryce Canyon long ago, displeased the coyote. Angered, he turned all the people to rock." Today, while visiting Bryce Canyon think of the legend when looking down into the amphitheaters and imagine the ancient people with their straight posture, in the form of hoodoos. The name Bryce Canyon in Paiute means:'bowl shaped canyon filled with red rocks standing up like men.'" ✨ Now on a totally (or so I think) unrelated note, in Paul Simon's "Loves me Like a Rock" I don't think he was talking about Hoodoos when he sang "hoodoo you think your foolin' " but then one never really knows ? ✨ NEM Landscapes America's West Series EyeEm Nature Lover Bryce Canyon
I do feel fortunate ... These recent posts are a nice reminder ... whether wandering the streets of Austria ... enjoying a beautiful sunset in what is almost my back yard ... or visiting some of the special places dotting the countryside across the US. This particular group of pictures is Cathedral rock in Sedona AZ ... A truly special place. For a short time my brother and his wife were Park Rangers here ... I only got to visit him once while they had that job ... but a memorable visit it was. ✨ Picture 1 of 3 ✨ America's West Series NEM Landscapes EyeEm Nature Lover