Quinta das Palmeiras

the greatest love of my life was a photographer. Maybe the best I've seen! Full of fantastic gifts and with a sensitivity to so much that left me spellbound! Here I try to find what I lost when he was gone! And I see so much talent that warms my heart and soul because it make me always remember him with admiration and pride I have for him! He always follow your heart because it was in the pictures that he took was there! :-) Having Fun Enjoying Life Lovely Getting Inspired
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Morning! :-) Enjoying Life Having Fun Taking Photos Getting Inspired
Her name is Olive, but we just call her Vee around here Cat Kitten Beautiful Love
Neve ou granizo? ;-) Walking Around Enjoying Life Having Fun Taking Photo
My love Cat Kitten Light
Dolce far niente... ❤️ Relaxing Enjoying Life Quality Time Be Inspired
Reading... ;-) Relaxing Taking Photo Quality Time Be Inspired
True!!! :-) Enjoying Life Lovely Be Inspired Getting Inspired
? Be Inspired Beautiful ♥ Lovely Imagination
... for everyone!!! :-) Getting In Touch Enjoying Life Having Fun Lovely
Bonjour!!! Beautiful ♥ Be Inspired Interesting Pieces Taking Photos
When this books reborne?
Oh yes!!! ;-) Having Fun Enjoying Life Hello World
Happy day Mamy!!! Beautiful ♥ Enjoying Life Lovely That's Me
The Cat Bé!!! Beautiful ♥ Enjoying Life Escaping Relaxing
home... fans... ;) Getting Inspired
Good morning!!! ❤️? Enjoying Life Having Fun That's Me Taking Photos
Eye 2 Enjoying Life Getting Inspired Taking Photos That's Me
;) Walking Around Enjoying The Sun Having Fun Taking Photos
Good night for everyone! ❤️?⭐️ That's Me Having Fun Relaxing Taking Photos
Good night! ?⭐️ Getting In Touch Escaping Relaxing Quality Time
Eye 3 Enjoying Life Getting Inspired Taking Photos That's Me
Making my album... Getting Inspired Taking Photos
:-) Walking Around Escaping Enjoying Life Taking Photos
Eye 1 Getting Inspired Having Fun Taking Photos That's Me
Oh yes!!!! Having Fun Enjoying Life Getting Inspired Relaxing