Have a Frightful Halloween ;)

This blood on my face is not my own. It is the blood of my enemy. It was kill or be killed and I fought with reckless abandon, until there was only one left standing...Now I stand alone...all alone. Darkart Have A Frightful Halloween ;) Snapseed Halloween Horrors -For artistic purpose only, not an actual event. Thanks!
The blood from my eye, once flowed inside. Where before flowed tears of joy and of pain. Now filled with eternal emptiness and silence cried. On the surface, just a stain of what remains. Have A Frightful Halloween ;) Halloween Horrors Fearing The Imagination Darkart
With Eyes as Black as Coal, there was no trace of a Soul. The Darkness had claimed yet another. You can see by the blank stare...a life that was once there...was taken and silenced forever. Have A Frightful Halloween ;) Darkart Halloweeks ..halloween Face..
For the Horror buffs...Zombie Apocalypse! Snapseed Have A Frightful Halloween ;) Led By Edits... Halloween Horrors
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