Track n. 3: Hey Joe (Are you experienced - The Jimi Hendrix Experience) Sound&vision Black And White
Track n. 3: Perfect Day (Transformer -Lou Reed) Sound&vision Saying Good Bye
Track n. 1: Where the streets have no name (The Joshua Tree - U2) Sound&vision Black And White
Track n.2: Bodies (Twilight to Starlight -SP) Sound&vision Black And White RePicture Love
Track n. 1: Happy House (Kaleidoscope- Siouxie and the Banshees) Sound&vision Black And White Abandoned
Track n. 3: This is radio clash (The Story of the Clash volume 1) Sound&vision Vintage Stuff
Track n. 6: The Sound of Silence (Wednesday Morning 3Am - Simon & Garfunkel) Sound&vision Enjoying The View
Track n. 7: A Forest ( Seventeen Seconds - The Cure) Sound&vision Colors Of Autumn
an attempt at abstract interpretation, not sure if it's working; comments welcome, please Abstract What Does Music Look Like To You? Musician Trumpet Musical Instruments Sound&vision Double Exposure Overlays
Track n. 4: Otherside (Californication- Red Hot Chilly Peppers) Sound&vision Colorsplash
Track n. 2: Dog days are over (Lungs - Florence and the Machine) Sound&vision Capa Filter Monochrome JustMe
Track n. 6: Useless (Ultra- Depeche Mode) Sound&vision Black And White Monochrome
Track n. 4: Time is on my side (12x5 -The Rolling Stones) Sound&vision Night Lights
Track n. 7: Glittering Prize ( New Gold Dream - Simple Minds) Sound&vision Black And White Monochrome
Audio Studio Audio Equipment Sound&vision
Belong Anywhere @My speaC kerzZzZz the most! First Eyeem Photo Speakers Speaker Speakersession Speakerbuilding Soundsystem Sound&vision
Track n. 1: Girls on film (Duran Duran -Duran Duran) Sound&vision 80's Style
Track n. 1: One of these days (Meddle-Pink Floyd) Sound&vision Longexposure Blurry
speackermuur! Speakerbuilding Soundsystem Sound&vision Speakers Speaker