Overbrook Mental Hospital

Looks like something happened here... Ailine Filter AMPt - Abandon AMPt - Shoot Or Die Abandoned
Old... Steph Filter AMPt - Abandon Abandoned AMPt - Shoot Or Die
Ruins... AMPt - Abandon Bw_collection Capa Filter AMPt_community
Damn...waited so long for that call, the phone started to grow weeds! AMPt - Abandon AMPt_community Still Life Bw_collection
Wonder if I can park here? AMPt - Abandon Bw_collection AMPt - Shoot Or Die Abandoned
Chair anyone? KCe Filter Bw_collection AMPt - Abandon AMPt-Android
From another time... Bw_collection Architecture Abandoned Capa Filter
In the center. AMPt - Abandon Abandoned Bw_collection Light And Shadow
at building 31 Abandoned Still Life AMPt - Abandon AMPt - Shoot Or Die
Closed for business... AMPt - Abandon AMPt-Android Eerie
Where does that arch on the right lead to? AMPt - Abandon AMPt - Shoot Or Die Abandoned Eerie
The fire tower. Architecture AMPt - Abandon Bw_collection Tower
end of photo grid