If I didn't care, I wouldn't have stuck around this long. KZH YouHaveMyHeart Forever <3 Growoldwithme
我需要你。我可能不会陪着你笑,但我会陪你哭。我没有离去❤ #ineedyou KZH YouHaveMyHeart Forever <3
I want to sing a song for you sing for my soul 沒有你的天空 沒有雲朵 you are my everything and I really love you 在淚乾了以後 想聽你說 愛我 Ifeellikecrying YouHaveMyHeart KZH
下雨天了 怎么办。 KZH YouHaveMyHeart Forever <3
Virus KZH
Happy birthday to my babydear❤ may all your dreams come true❤I'm always here with you❤love you very much! KZH HappyBirthday YouHaveMyHeartyHeart Forever <3
Virus KZH
When I saw you, Everyone knew I liked the effect that you had on my eyes❤ #teeshirt #? KZH YouHaveMyHeart Forever <3
Im finding my way to you❤ YouHaveMyHeart KZH Imissyou
我是爱着你那个滥好人 ❤ 为了你 对自己够狠 KZH YouHaveMyHeart Imissyou
You have my heart. I gave without asking it back. Don't worry. KZH Forever <3 Bestwishestoyou TakeCare
9.20 清晨❤ #第15个 KZH YouHaveMyHeart
你從來不知道 我追求的世界 渺小的只因為你 如果你沒有參與 夢想再大 也沒有意義 #因为我爱你 KZH YouHaveMyHeart - ILoveYou.♡ Forever <3
The stars could fade and die, but our love will always live on. Missmybabyboy KZH - ILoveYou.♡ Stars
KZH YouHaveMyHeart Forever <3 Growoldwithme
Unchangeable love. KZH YouHaveMyHeart
Идеальная дорога в Казахстане с гранитными бардюрами)) дорогадлинная ровная дорога идеально идеальная дорога KZH Kazahstan Indastrial HDR
Its like no matter how many times i try, how hard i work, but it just wont happen. no one ever listen. Life Is A Beach KZH Imissyou
I like your jacket. It makes me feel so warm so comfy and so safe. It smells like you. - ILoveYou.♡ KZH Happy6th Forever <3
KZH YouHaveMyHeart Forever <3 Typicalpisces
喜歡你笑的時候 你臉上的圖案 好像要為我眼睛不停帶來陽光燦爛❤ #ijustloveyou KZH YouHaveMyHeart Missmybabyboy
She has a room for me in her little piggy heart ❤ - ILoveYou.♡ KZH
你的未来有太多事,我想参与。可是不可以了。 KZH YouHaveMyHeart Forever <3
Imissyou Love KZH
- ILoveYou.♡ KZH Missmybabyboy
I wanted to be the breath in her mouth and the rhythm in her chest that would beat only for me. - Waiting For You Goodmorning :) Missmybabyboy KZH Forever <3
be my princess ;) Happy4th - ILoveYou.♡ KZH
KZH Kazakhstan♥ Tekeli City лето2016 Hdr_Collection Real People Love ♥
KZH Nature лето2016 Love ♥ текели Kazakhstan♥ Tekeli City
Water Day Nature No People Beauty In Nature Sunlight Lifestyles Beauty In Nature Love ♥ Photography Nature_collection Nature Sun Sky Sky_collection Skyline First Eyeem Photo Original Experiences The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards Art Photography Kazakhstan♥ KZH лето2016 Tekeli City
I'd tell myself you don't mean a thing, but what we got, got no hold on me, but when you're not there I just crumble. I tell myself I don't care that much, but I feel like I die 'til I feel your touch. KZH YouHaveMyHeart
KZH YouHaveMyHeart
长这么大都还学不会的东西,今晚学会了。原来为了你,我可以变得那么强大。谢谢你给予我的力量❤ #你拥有了我的全部 KZH YouHaveMyHeart Allthebest Bestwishestoyou
Raining Imissyou KZH
I still wish for the same person to stay, together we discover new place, together we discover the love. KZH Growoldwithme
KZH YouHaveMyHeart
KZH YouHaveMyHeart Forever <3
KZH FirstTime
让爱一人一半 悲伤快乐都陪伴 每个转弯 都会有我在 不怕悬崖 愛一人一伴 一起承担好与坏 爱小于三 幸福多简单 不怕平凡 大于浪漫 KZH Itsyou
- ILoveYou.♡ KZH Missmybabyboy
200714 Another month. Miss everything. KZH YouHaveMyHeart Forever <3 TakeCare
Thefaultinourstars Imissyou KZH
It might be just a figure for you. But it is a precious remark of my everything to you. It's all about yesterday. Never find love ends. Forever <3 Imissyou KZH
A sign of luck n protection for baby Forever <3 Imy KZH
One Year❤ - ILoveYou.♡ KZH Happyfirstanniversary
Day No People Architecture Sky NatureLove ♥ Photography Relax❤️ The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards Original Experiences Beauty In Nature KZH Tekeli City The Way Forward Tree Railing Outdoors Footbridge
RePicture Love - ILoveYou.♡ KZH Forever <3
Love Chocolate KZH