PROJETOVIDIGAL Volunteering Peoplethathelpthepepple PV.RIO2014Voluntary work in the Favelas. Rio de Janeiro. Voluntary work in the favela is a humanitarian work which give the both sides a a rewarding feeling and a full heart . therefore  we want to give a hand to this special people  which they needed so much. Build a bridge to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. A Land where are more than 600 hundred favelas spread throughout the country. A large number of them is concentrated around the major cities such as in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and other major cities. All these poor areas have a bad name, specially  from the past. By the poverty, lack of government social care and poor living conditions. The criminality, the drug lords. Nowadays there are a number of these favelas in better position and much safer after the rise of the government and the will of the residents plus the rising work  of local NGOs who want to improve by offering them better conditions and healthy activities to the local people.
PROJETOVIDIGAL Volunteering Peoplethathelpthepepple PV.RIO2014Our work will take place in the same favela, (Vidigal) where you can live and the distance shorter and more manageable. The contact with each other will also better and less official. We have concentrated our activities in two parts, in two sectors 1). Art 2). general voluntary work. The art projects- painting art, graffiti, mural work, Photography. In all those activities you can choose between individual projects and group work. (in both, the participant(s) will receive clear instructions where he or she will participate and clear rules and description of the work.) (With individual art projects, a great deal of planning and implementation will come from the participant) General projects in education, nurseries, construction, schools, in turn, help center. Most of the work here are individual. (Each part taker would get a kind of work fit for him or her, after consultation with each other.)
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Wishing a Happy,Wonderful New Year. Full of Good Things. Happynewyear2014 PROJETOVIDIGAL Peoplethathelpthepepple Volunteering . May 2014 bring All You Need!! Many ♡♡♡♡♡Tks For All the Amazing Support.♡♡♡♡♡
PROJETOVIDIGAL PV.RIO2014 Volunteering Peoplethathelpthepepple all questions can be done here, on @whiteant ' s and @safari22 's page. All help welcome. ideas too
PROJETOVIDIGAL Volunteering Peoplethathelpthepepple PV.RIO2014From my experience in voluntary work in Rio for three months. Going on my own,  and without knowledge of what is working in the Slum neighborhoods of Rio's (Favelas), means. Where there is coexistence divided into rich and poor. The rich Minorities have much to spend and the poor have to survive day by day, many of them have daily and temporary jobs or anything. Most of the people are concentrated on a small pieces of high ground, not used by the rich. No good social welfare, and   little attention from the government and local authorities. As well as no private investment there. Working on the improvement of the conditions of residents, are national and international NGO organizations and using the volunteers with great Courage, and time. Wanting to make the difference. Willing  to share some knowledge with the poor part of Brazil.
PV.RIO2014 Peoplethathelpthepepple Volunteering PROJETOVIDIGAL Two Friends on a Volunteer Work. United to Help others. @safari22 @whiteant
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