Stanton, CA

Overlooking Stanton,CA Check This Out Hello World Enjoying Life
pretty flowers are blooming Flowers Nature Pink Photography
Aphids soaking up sun. Big ones and wee little ones. Insects Collection
Spring has Sprung NOW Lady Bug FUN
Digital art, overs, red hot Love, red~pink tones, large moon, beauty of nature,moonlight,tree canopy:::: by Cindy Sue Truman©️ Digital Art
Just Laid. Momma Lady Bug just put her eggs in the wall. In 7-10 days they will hatch. Little black larva will be hatched. They will eat, go into a cocoon, hatch a Lady Bug and the cycle repeats all Omer again. 🌿 Insects Collection
#Ladybug#wet#greenbamboo#nature#iPhone6#naturerules#insect#outdoors Insects Collection
Song of the Sea Digital Art
Ladybug larvae. It will morph into a pupate and in 7~10 days a ladybug will emerge Insects Collection
Behold the tiny bee. Insects Collection
Wasp, macro shot, nature, wasp nest, bamboo Insects Collection