This was the last picture I took on my tablet. I had a sunburn on my neck. Throwbak Old Frozenmixedvegitables Sunburn Cat Ow  Owwie Welp Selfie Shaved Shavedhead
ouch! That's Me Owwie Having Fun
When you go up a gauge size, but your mom is a nazi and you aren't exactly 18 yet. -.- Needless to say, I put myself through minute pain, just to have my ears violently pulled on and being yelled at because I changed my mind about going up a size. But it's only my self esteem. SelfEsteem Lowselfesteem Selfie Mirrorselfie Rant Vent Selfie Saturday Problems Gauges Gauge Gauaged Guagepiercing Me Ow  Owwie Pain Ears NAZI Selfiesaturday SaturdaySelfie Messy Oh Okay Family alywashere