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Boda Bodas Novia2015 Novia Reportaje Reportaje Boda
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Sleeper. This is what is called a 'Sleeper,' Something, that is nit what it seem's. Underneat,.what was named a 'Mom's Car' back in 1966, when this Chevy Nova came off the production line all changed when , a group of machine shop bad boys got their hands on this ordinary little car. After stripping it out, repainting it matt black, cut and tubbed it and dropped in a thumping 454 big block then, supercharged it and put on aftermarket performance parts, lowered it and put on a ste of rubber that could deal with 606bhp, (they aimed for 666bhp) but just couldn't squeeze out the ladt 60bhp, you have a Sleeper, a Dark Star... Taking Photos Reportaje Colour Photography Speed Performance Automotive Photography Documentary Photography american lifestyle american usa americana Chevrolet Nova 454 big block sleeper nova star
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