the mastah Sefo  gowes ujung genteng
On the top of the world, the 3rd tallest mountain in Indonesia Sefo  2015  Rinjani
hill slide with the view of sea shore Sefo
Menuju curug di perjalanan pulang dari bedogol Sefo
life is just like cycling keeps balance and enjoy the ride Sefo  tour de ug
the orange over the gray Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
hill side of Lampung Sefo
scream of the day Sefo
every rice grain worths every drop off sweat counts Edisinyamar Sefo  tour d'UG
pada hepi Sefo  gowes ujung genteng
tip of plawangan senaru down below was segara anakan lake Sefo  Hikingseason Rinjani Latepost
no bicycle no problem Sefo  Nyirebon Nyiremai
descending to railway track what a fun bike somewhere between warso farm to rancamaya Sefo  Cipelang
In the middle of nowhere Sefo  Sefogitulho
a biker goes home cross the ocean Sefo  tour d Ujung Genteng
white sandy beach Sefo  goes to ujung genteng
heading to rancamaya Sefo  Cipelang
the hillside view of Lampung bay Sefo
biking over Indonesian ocean Sefo  saba ujung genteng
midnight smile on the front row of long queuing Sefo  Goes to lampung
crossing wooden bridge from rancamaya to kertamaya Sefo  Cipelang
Two thumbs up Sefo  Cipelang
Jembatan Kuningan Sefo  Niteride 1436h
Sawai terracering planting Breath taking view of Indonesia Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
edisi Sefo  menghadang kereta
pose at sawiyah valley Sefo  Nyiremai Nyribon
nice spot toward warso farm the paddy field, the valley of cijeruk Sefo  Cipelang
Canopy Walk at Bedogol Sefo
ngasinin neng yeti happiness is so simple Sefo  gowes ujung genteng
Repost sefo models club posed at Kali Mati, Semeru Sefo  2015  Hikingseason Semeru
nggubuk dulu on the way to cihideung bike park Sefo  Cipelang
Post in front of a wooden boat at a traditional port Sefo  Nyirebon Nyiremai
Bikers are also more respect to nature Left nothing but friendship Sefo
the dead root Sefo
a chinese tomb, larger than any house of this villagers Sefo  Cipelang
box to box goes nyribon Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
hiking for me was so hard, being a porter even harder. but I'd keep smiling as rinjani nature was always smiling to me Sefo  Hikingseason Rinjani Edisinyamar
my track, from senaru, go down to segara anakan lake to the summit 3726 m and down via sembalun Sefo  Hikingseason Rinjani
the 600 hundred year old gate long life the Sultanate Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
gegowesan di keraton Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
waiting for its turn yihaaa i go to lampung Cat Pose Sefo  Goes to lampung
Si orange di Jembatan Kuningan Sefo  Niteride 1436h
abis sarapan di imah gede Sefosabaciptagelar Sefo
On muddy trail, under the shade of green trees, among best friends of Sefo
beautiful terracering planting in argapura Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
di bawah naungan gubug sebelum merasakan teduh nya hutan bedogol Sefo
One bright day in Keraton Sefo  Nyiremai Nyirebon
Otw to waduk darma kuningan Sefo  Nyirebon Nyiremai
pas gowes nanjak, lewat lomba gowes ajrut ajrutan Bukanhabitat Sefo  Cipelang
MK explained all about Sefo to the Sultang, during our visit in Cirebon and surrounding Sefo  Nyirebon Nyiremai
on the edge kertamaya to rancamaya Sefo  Cipelang
kiss the flag on the highest summit of Java island, is truly moment of truth, worth for every step, every breath and every teardrop a moment where we feel how little we are against this big nation, Indonesia a moment how we and this land are so blessed and too few to thank to the nature and the Creator: Allah the Almighty a moment to pray and to thank for all our heroes, known or forgotten from Sabang to Merauke damn, I love Indonesia Summit1 Sefo  Mahameru2014 hope, I can feel similar moment soon, InsyaAllah Summit2 Sefo  Rinjani2015
tanjakan ajib, abis main pantai Sefo  saba ujung genteng
MO`IZZ hansamo status le bay on jersey Ronin Jersey Sefo
always ahead Salut TN Sefo  gowes ujung genteng
track to rainbow hill the shade and the light surrounded by the trees love this track Sefo  with KB TN and MIK
Waiting for the last train Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
trucks started crawling out of the hull Sefo  Goes to lampung
friendship that bring us to the top of Rinjani mount Sefo  2015  Hikingseason Where will we climb this year? Courtesy @romi_aprilyansa
Start nite ride Sefo  Niteride 1436h
Start the day... Smile berjamaah Sefo
moonlight over Imah Gede Sefosabaciptagelar Sefo
Pitstop at Sabang Street coffee shop Sefo  Niteride 1436h
Repost Seven samurai stopped by for saluting mahameru, while riding a bike on 5cm trail A day before we painfully were sumitting the peak after two day one night expedition The memorable painful four day expedition, day 1 biking, day 2 & 3 mahameru summit, day 4 biking Sefo  2015  4daybike &hike
Midnight coffee Sefo  Niteride 1436h
The gate Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
The shadow, the gate and the veranda Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
as a chef empal gentong Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai Edisinyamar
Gowes session Sefo  Nyribon Nyiremai
Fun bike ala KB Sefo  Saturday
How steep uphill, how tired we are... Always smile and cheer up in front of camera Sefo  Sefogitulho
Sefo  I miss you.