QOTD: do you like o2l? If so whos your fave? I LOVE THEM LIKE IT'S UNEXPLAINABLE Ricky is my fave and I'm so in love with them <3 O2l Rickydillon 5SOS MichaelClifford calumhood ashtonirwin lukehemmings onedirection sampottorff connorfranta kianlawley jccaylen trevormoran
Im so proud of him @rickypdillon <3 also ITS HIS BDAY TOMORROWWW!!! O2l Youtube Rickydillon Onedirection 5sos littlemix edsheeran zerrie sophiam muke cashton larrystylinson mashton liampayne michaelclifford ashtonirwin niallhoran louistomlinson lukehemmings harrystyles calumhood zaynmalik
Ricky (and Jack and Jen) was at Lake Powell which is like an hour away from me, I asked to see him for my bday but my mom said no :( Youtube Rickydillon 5SOS 5sosfam onedirection 5sosrockoutwithyoursocksout directioner larrystylinson louistomlinson harrystyles niallhoran liampayne zaynmalik littlemix zerrie edsheeran o2l ashtonirwin calumhood michaelclifford lukehemmings sophiam
Jc Caylen Connor Franta Rickydillon
I love him so much omg. You dont understand. Rickydillon O2l Edsheeran Onedirection ashtonirwin harrystyles joshdevine larrysmut lukehemmings louistops liampayne littlemix larryisreal louistomlinson zaynmalik zerrie muke michaelclifford calumhood nouis niam niallhoran narrystoran
Idk guys i just really love my youtubers Rickydillon Youtubers Bestthing Inlife this is ricky from our2ndlife on youtube at digitour yeterday
*.* if he got any cuter he would be Michael Rickydillon Muke Malum MichaelClifford niallhoran cake cashton calumhood zaynmalik zerrie liampayne lukehemmings louistomlinson larrystylinson larryshipper harrystyles sophiam directioner ashtonirwin onedirection o2l youtube edsheeran 5sosfam 5sos 5sosrockoutwithyoursocksout