Vor Frelsers Kirke

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View from Tower. It's so freakin' high.
When you're put on the "Suggested Users" list by @instagram, you get a massive influx of new traffic, and with it you learn a few things. Here's a couple of said things. Firstly, you learn there's a lot of children on IG who are too young to be here. Blew my mind that I'm suddenly getting messages from 8 year olds in Malaysia. Secondly, you learn that some people think IG is for sending direct messages with photos of their dumb babies doing dumb baby things to complete strangers. Go back to Facebook with that stuff, puhlease. Thirdly, you learn that there are companies out there that with your newfound audience see you as nothing more than an internet billboard for sale. Dunno about you guys, but I'm not gonna sell my soul for three pairs of socks. But fourthly, and most importantly, you learn that there's a lot of awesome, creative and diverse people on IG, that you'd probably never had interacted with otherwise. And that makes all the annoying stuff bearable 👍
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Knees stopped shaking. Thank God. Literally
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Wood Church Ceiling
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The bell of Our Saviour s Church in Copenhagen History Indoors  Built Structure Architecture Bell Tower Bell Urbanphotography
Such Beauty....
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Praising The Lord
Beautiful artform....
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Hanging Out
Praising The Lord
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Our saviour's church, Copenhagen, Christianshavn, Denmark - Hvor Frelsers kirke, København, Christianshavn, Danmark Hvor Frelsers Kirke Hvor Frelsers Kirke København Our Saviours Church Our Saviour's Church Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark København Danmark Christianshavn Church Churches Church Architecture Church Tower City Cityscape Blue Roof Urban Skyline History Religion Spire
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Vor Frelsers Kirke - Køpenhavn - Danmark Church Vor Frelsers Kirke Danmark Copenhagen Kopenhagen Travel Architecture EyeEm Best Shots Streetphotography EyeEmNewHere Travel Photography Canonphotography Canon Built Structure Architecture Building Exterior Sky Cloud - Sky Building Tower Low Angle View Travel Destinations Religion History City