Creative Light And Shadow Nationalgeographic_ Nature Tibet Peace And Quiet the biggest challenge of this trip is the altitude sickness. This symptom can even cause death. However, I can already feel the deepest despair before that. Last night, When I stood by the Namtso lake where is 4718 meters above sea level, without warning, headache and nausea slowly and endlessly have been torturing me until another day's dawn. This pain caused the vomit. I hav been throwing up all the food and even gastric juice entire night. In that case, all kinds of thoughts popped into my head. I was thinking of my parents and people who I love. I was thinking of those climbers who climbed the Mount Everest. When I almost felt blackout, I was somehow thinking of goldfish. I said that I could finally understand why did the goldfish roll its eyes when it lacks oxygen. Travel Diary
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Nam Co Locating between the Dangxiong county and the Bange county, Nam Co is the famous place for its Tibetan Buddhism. It means the Namco Lake, the graceful lake as well as the holy lake in Tibet. Peace And Quiet Lovely Weather Traveling Underwater
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