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I've been through and seen a lot; Left at the bottom and the top. We're on borrowed time, but time isn't enough. I'm just trying to be the best me I can be. Oh when I fall down, it's just me and the ground. I am no Queen, I have no throne. Youmeatsix RoomToBreathe Nofilter Weirdmood Pink
You me at six and All time Low Merch from the concert♡♡♡ Was awesome♡ Alltimelow Youmeatsix
Np Loverboy Youmeatsix Bored nosleep allnighter music pointlesshashtags.
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I slow this down 'cause I know that you can't keep up. Oh maybe I, maybe I was wrong from the start. I might be proud, but at least I'm proud of something; You've taken pride in becoming nothing ♥ Vape Olisykes Youmeatsix Bitemytongue BeautifulWeather CoolShades girlsWhoVape
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-When I Was Younger, I Only Dreamed, That When I Got Older, You'd Be Proud Of Me. When I Was Younger, I Promised You Both, That When I Was Older, You'd Be Proud Of Me.-<3<3 Youmeatsix WhenWeWereYounger Lyrics
? Youmeatsix Alltimelow
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My edit of Josh Franceschi ❤ Youmeatsix
This!!! Push Iwantmango Savethesedates Youmeatsix theused
Cause in the end what are you without me? Youmeatsix Bitemytongue
These four bands I will never get tired of listening to. Indie music at its best. Felt I should make a collage. Feels overdose. The 1975 obviously tops the list. The1975 Arcticmonkeys Youmeatsix Theneighbourhood psychedelic otherworldly
This song is my life right now. Youmeatsix Fireworks
Trova l'intruso Concert Youmeatsix Love
Lyrics Youmeatsix Music
Wen't to a Youmeatsix concert lastnight! It was amazing! Bandmerch Sixers
Not enough Youmeatsix song on my phone.. Thank god for Spotify
Love this kid fp,Youmeatsix
Only 7 days!!! See you in Madrid 30secondstomars Jaredleto Shannonleto Youmeatsix
My wall before and youll see affter later (evil grin) Callofdutyblackops ,Pokémon Pikachu Youmeatsix nightwish anime manga drawings theakakening