This side of me

I am a Daydreaming type of girl, with bright Colors all in my head. I live and prowl in the nighttime, This Side Of Me is simple in that I don't believe in happy endings and fairy tales, but I make my days filled with happy moments and romance my damn self. This girl don't need to be held and taken care of, but I'm that girl that can care, and hold your hand whenever you feel like there is no one 4 you. Favorite T-Shirt and #underwear kinda girl! smile for the day!
Being Goofy This Side Of Me Okay I admit I am not as sophisticated all the time, I am me>>> Pretty silly But Can Imake You Smile?! Then You just made my day, by laughing at my photo. (Pretty Immature, right) but u are only as old as you feel, so I act 5 yrs old sometimes ; )
Smoky haze from his cigerette my hotel room. Just Smile Destination To Nowhere This Side Of Me love the sexiness look of this photo, but the story isn't that great, the maid ran out of the room when she saw me taking this picture. oh well! Hhahha Funny Story ♡♥♡♥£ ♡♥ and there was no HOT SEX, just needed to rest.
Gonna show a very different side of me, yeah I am a Nerd and not afriad to admit it!!! This is embarassing since i use to hide behind a book, yeah I use to be shy. Not now, but i decided to keep the Nerd in me, she is alright once you get to know her ... JustMe In My Room This Side Of Me keeps me grounded! Lol BeingSilly
Taking Photos and Feeling like dancing around a little bit. JustMe . I'm such a Tomboy, but the girl inside been dying to let loose. All my friends, mostly guys, only see This Side Of Me . Selfie you got to be you, even if you have different layers inside of you. Don't be afraid to let u go, because you might end up falling in love with who you really are! #beingyou #okay #enjoylife #goodfun #dontmatter #fuckrumors #you #shinebrightlikeadiamond #simple