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Graffiti Austin Art Climbing I swear it was so hard to get to the top. Steep hill and nothing to hold to then it started to rain so whoop that was fun haha there was some stunning artwork..
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The Portraitist - 2014 EyeEm Awards Portrait Street Art Love
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Took lot of graffiti pictures. Meet lot of artists ☆ gonna share pictures soon ☆ SamoSoviet Austin Texas Keepitwierd
Brigieta Balsimo
Graffiti park is too triipy and the arts are incredible! Graffiti Messy Quotes
Art Is Everywhere
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Break The Mold
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Peace :D SamoSoviet Austin Texas
Nite ride pit stop. Graffiti Park TheNettedPigeon
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I see you.👀 Walking Around
Austin, Texas, hope outdoor gallery, spray paint, atx Austin Texas ATx
Awesome work
A Frame Within A Frame
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Found a new friend. Gotta draw Aeabic graffiti here ☆ ☆ SamoSoviet Austin Texas Keepitwierd
Graffiti Austintx
Where everyone’s minds come together. Wall - Building Feature Text No People Wall Street Art