Love this song Lucyhale Summersong Love
"Throw it on down Rock this quiet, little country town Get up, drop a tailgate on ya truck Find a keg and fill ya cup up Kick it on back Pretty little mama lookin' at ya like that Make ya wanna slide on in like "Girl, what's up" Yeah tonight is bottoms up up up Get em up Tonight is bottoms up up up Get em up get em up get em up Get em up Hey y'all whatever ya sippin' get it up in the air one time Bottoms up" Brantleygilbert Drinking Country Summersong
Now just picture me Hollywood livin' riding through the sun, riding through the sunset<3 Lyrics Kidink Summatime Summersong
"I got my shades on, top back, Rolling with the music jacked, One on the wheel, one around you baby Sunset I bet There's a chance we can get Sure enough Tangled up, Laid back and lazy Pour it on easy now, don't spill a bit Nothin' but time tonight, let's get to killing it Long as I'm rocking with you, girl You know I'm cool with just chillin it" Coleswindell Country Summersong Love