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every thing is symmetrical every thing is exactly a copy .every thing is a independent and also dependent of others .the whole is making the huge form allon is just a small piece of whole . Fantasy Taking Photos Inspiration .taking Photo Picture .
what do you think whe you see not the whole picture without any knowledge. and not a completely image .you will collect very fast some information in your way and use your mind and the knowledge that you gate through your life .experiences .and make you story ...but howmanny that will give the right answer ????? Picture . Inspiration People Every Picture Tel A Story
our life start with the close contacts .father mother .brothers and sisters .and.....that we see our self as a special in between the circles of peoples that we could make as friends and much than that .through our life walk ..our faces are sweet and happy ... Picture . Blackandwhite Taken By Me Feelings
the dark time was gone .the rain was just passed away .the sweetness of the lovely sunny times is gone the shadow of those days have lefthis marks on the natural beauty .just for a reminding . Taken By Me Photo Inspiration .taking Photo Picture .
you make us smile .by just show us to the world .we don't need much are making as smiling with your way of volunteering and sheer with us ..we will never forgot you ...join us. in our simple way of living in VIDIGAL.Brazil where we live ... Hi! Hello World PROJETOVIDIGAL.RIO2014 Picture .
what I see in the beauty if it was outside I could have a pisitive effect on the others.give us some domination on the others but for just a short time ... Inspiration .taking Photo Beauty Edition Fantasy Photo Picture .
we are trying to play out side in the evening .the government tray to keep the security in our neighbourhood .and need much than that good schools .medical help .sport cultural activities .civil rights .all that and more .will could be possible with your voluntary help which will make a big differences in the daily time .if you are willing to sheer help or tray to tell others about that you can go to and look what you can help or do for us. thank you very much .obrigado . PROJETOVIDIGAL.RIO2014 Photo Picture . Taking Photos
this flower I gave her a second life .for ever .she gave me a lovely time .the joy allotof beutyand I was crazy about it.but she was ded after a short time of life .I needed to remember her before she will disappear for ever .I made her a beauty. and gave her a second chance life forever . Flowers Editing Picture . Art
is every thing that we see with our eyes is true. in fact yes. our mind is manipulated by the seen .and he couldent. figure .the elements together any more .because our mind is not able to analyse the coming informations which is so different in many sides ....this is a tricky picture from that museum... Check This Out Fantasy Taken By Me Picture .