Life and Living

curved road, live and learn is reality. It's either Blackandwhite But be Somethingdifferent and color your life, even if Life And Living is hard Wait For That Moment
Play it cool and chill, don't let what you hear in your head rule you. Find your happiness cause you are a woman, and every woman deserves their own kind of happiness. Hello World The Real Me My Thoughts Out Loud Life And Living
Come on and go with me, don't worry about your plans, No Boyfriend, No Stress Keep Dreaming Life And Living I am what I am and keep my attitude and love my spice for life, no excuses Just Me
Life And Living Share My World:) Woman HEY there, I Like what you've got going on, how about you stick around and spend some time with me? Hello World
Love: taste like candy. But kisses are like liquid poison, keeps you feenin' screaming for more, a chemical reaction to a devious smile, never the same, but the body high, rocks you so high, and goosebumps and butterfly kisses keep you coming back for more, you can take it slow or fast, but it keeps you coming back for more. Yeah we are addicts for love, why are we foolish when we all know Love is fleeting, more bad side effects, what a damn shame. My Words Moments Life And Living Out Of My Element
I remember like it was yesterday, remember when u gave your heart away? I remember when u made me laugh, held my hand when I felt so sad. Now I'm here all alone, found out that you don't even care about her, just needed to forget about me, can't believe a lifetime of memories can be erased so easily. Given that I was your past, I knew you always had others, I just thought I'd be your last. My Thoughts Out Loud Moments Life And Living Share My World:)
Life is too short to stay put, don't wanna do the same thing twice! Life And Living Eye Em Best Shots Black And White The Good Life
My girlfriend and I, going on 20 years . Hard to find a loyal person who you can trust to be right there when you need her. Bestie  childhood friends Life And Living Color Portrait Woman
Share My World:) this is me, all of me, every good and bad. But it feels alright to be emotional yet strong. It shows that I am human. Hello World Life And Living
Sunday Are we so caught up in life,that we spend a whole day to get ready for the week? The Same Routine Every Day Life And Living I said hello to everyone I walked by, but all I get is a half smile,where did all the Happy People go? I wanna go there!
Life throws at you lemons is what they all say.... But why do bullshit have to be redonedant?! Gotta keep my head straight and remind myself, hey at least I love sour things! Positive Thinking Life And Living My Thoughts Enjoying Life
Bei Maejor – Prayer for the Young Soul >>>This song is a tribute to all the young souls with big dreams who go through hard times but need reassurance from someone that they aren't The Only One Still here, barely there....carrying on seems like this feelings is constantly with me, so damn use to it, I've become numb to it. This song has been the story of my life, gotten me through hard times. I love it. Feelings Life And Living I hope you can enjoy it too <3 <3>>>>>>>>>Sister Bessie don't you say no prayer for me A slow boats gonna lead me where I'm bound I'm for to travel far across the distant seas My destiny will lead me where I'm bound"Uh, feel like nobody ever pray for her No body did, nobody ever made a way for her And in the future she just couldn't see no change for her She felt her own best friend was a skateboard That's what she gave for Uh, young soul living in her own world Could be you sister, Mother, daughter, home girl She hate her Pops cause he cheated on her old girl Now she get high to ease the pain call it done girl I know it seem like life's too hard But just remember young soul, you done made it this far And I'mma tell you little something OGs would, Everyday ain't good, but something good in everyday So go girl, I'm praying for you Remember this deep inside somebody love you If you're going through hell, run don't be scared Might make it out before the devil know you was there Somebody pray for her. Dreams
Summoning the inner power Inner power EyeEmNewHere Life And Living Spirituality Indoors  Lightning Inside Long Exposure Portrait Power