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Fitment on the exhaust is great. Sounds exotic on this Subaru Wrx.
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Subaru Wrx Wrx Portrait Canon
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I asked my girlfriend to pose with my new exhaust. She's so great for putting up with me and my build! Subaru Wrx Exhaust Interracial Car Lover
Them gold shoes Cars Streetphotography Wheels Subaru Wrx Alloy Wheels
Camping with my beautiful woman. The Subaru Wrx had no problem digging through the mud and dirt to get there.
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Manukau Heads Lighthouse. The usual long drive of 1.5 hours ending with one off the most breath taking scenery and environment. Wrx Subielife Subaru Impreza WRX Subaruwrx Subaru Wrx Mybabe❤ Manukauheadslighthouse.
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Hunting. Subaru Subaru Wrx Miami
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Subaru Wrx
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I want that car! Subaru Impreza, What A Beast! Subaru Wrx Subaru Impreza Wrx STi Subaru