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Today I read news about Ma Xi Historic Talk,it is such a sad thing that we have to follow our own country's event through BBC.Because we don't trust our social media.
巨獸搖滾。 康士坦的變化球 Postrock Rock'n'Roll Indierock Live Music 巨獸搖滾
鐵軌上承戴著多少離合\悲歡 .......... ♥ Day Grass Outdoors No People Railroad Track
草東沒有派對 Indierock Live Music Rock'n'Roll 巨獸搖滾 Enjoying Life
巨獸森林派對。 巨獸搖滾 Rock'n'Roll 草東沒有派對 Indierock Live Music
預言服事 能看到預言畫面的場景 震撼也相當興奮
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森林裡的搖滾樂。 巨獸搖滾 Colorful Jellyfishes