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2017 northern california fire 4am by the time it was known the fire had grown so large it was to late, the city of willits now blocked in. all comunication down everyone was in a state of panic we had no idea NO idea just how big the fire was.once my family/home was safe.. i working with red cross went out to do what i could and others could not. load after load i go into the fire to round up and rescue horses some ok some hooves and body so burnt. some spray painted their phone numbers on the horses in such a rush only to open their barn and run pray that their friend will know where to go. deathly afraid of fire i dont know how but the few of us that went out managed to collect them and bring them to. place that was safe. it was my last load of day 3 for me and i had all the horses only the wind shifted bringing the fire back my way and fast. it was so close i can feel the hot breeze burn my skin and the fire was so loud i loaded 2 and he was the last. he wouldnt move he just froze. i did all i could till the very last moment i could but he so afraid he just woyldnt move. i had to go it was the hardest thing for me to do.i walkd away and the look in his eye he was so afraid. i ran to the riig and started back almost didnt make it and i looked in my mirror back to see crying i say over and over run run run and i saw him it was to much for me. i think about him everyday. the ground and what is left reminds me of him and even still as the earth recovers and there is new growth so much you almost can not tell. life keeps growing and tomarrow it will be the past only it is forever chsnged who i am. in this tree i see me. Alone Together Natures Force Bare Tree Beauty In Nature Nature Landscape No People Outdoors Northern California After Fire Mendocino County Aftermath Of Forest Fire