West Heath

filtered with gotham
when I wake up, the time will be...
Spider surprise !!!
Hot bath with bubbles to relax in and forget how cold it really is.
with the camera pointed at me, in the darkness of the night, this is what was goven to me ??? Is my head but an orb or have I captured my soul ??? Or what lies within my inner self ???
clara view
I think this is what we call bed time. Good night to half of you and good day to the rest of you ;-)
sexiest man in a power cut 2010-2013. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking god for night time and the off switch for the light ;-)
boredom took me to looking into the toilet roll ???
Somewhere over the Rainbow
mirror, tea candle and a potted cactus. it's fun to play in the shadows at night
Out of the darkness comes the light. From the light in the dark come the point of origin from which we all can grow.
Microwaved reflections
42 years of walking this wonderful planet. Stepping foot on the soils of England Ireland Scotland Wales then onto the warmer climates of Israel Egypt Greece Italy Spain and beyond. This size 11 has sat across from some sexy stilettos, some naughty gothic boots and a lot of naked feet. Life is for living, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. So live life !!!
Growing your own for home use. Chili's that is ;-)
nothing better than a good soak in the bath before making your way in to the real world :-)
Looking at you looking at me. If I spied with my little eye, what would I see ???
favorite shoes
Bootiful emptiness
hanging around waiting for that special moment
enviromental footprint. from a size 11 to a size 7 in one tub ;-)
pregnant with a biscuit in her mouth gives her that "SPECIAL" look ;-)
Looking for love
selfie from the summer
You have to have the bear neccessities in life ;-)
4 stars for the fantastic 4 who each have an equal piece of my heart. I come from earth, but was taken to a different world the day I became a father. They shine the brightest in my eyes xxxx
Never offer your lady 7 up in the bedroom. It will only ruin the night and make her turn over ;-)
feed me feed me now ;-)
If wars were fought with smiles and not bullets. Dentists would rule the world !!!
oh gaga