Taking picteure

they eat what we left of they clean what we didn't used ..and .. Taking Photos Nature Taking Picteure Edition .
they are free .and the feel light and happy to be where they belong to ... Birds Flying Nature Taking Picteure
they build there home up on the high places for there kids .and watch us how we are live our day .. Nature Birds Taking Picteure Taking Photo
watch your steps today .tonight and in the morning .it is the 13...Friday ...2013...because the black side is watching you and he will take his changes to but you life in a miserable situation .then you was been warned .¿¿¿¢<>{}»®``°]₩=€<3XD:-Q:-C:'(:-\;-):-(;-):-);-):'(o_O:O:-@XDo_OX-(:-@:'(:-Q:-Q:-@:-@:-D:-X:O:-\:-(:-*o_O:-$X-(:-XO:-):-):-@:-@:-@:-@o_Oo_O:O Black Taking Picteure Fantasy story