This is no lemon, but Bergamot_oranges; which are maily used for the production of perfumes. these fruits grow especially good in calabria! I d never come across them before... Fruits Exotic Fruits Fruits On Tree Bergamote Bergamot. Bergamotte, ein etherische-öle-lieferant, vor allem zur Parfüm- herstellung eingesetzt. ... Maximum Closeness
Légumes Du Jardins! Bergamote Tisane☕️✨ La Vida Es Bella derriere chez moi ,il y a cette Belle plante!
Bergamote Bergamot_orange Yellow Fruit Lemon Lime By Motorola igerstunisia Tunisia صفراء فاقع لونها تسر الناظرين :) ... ليم ♡
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