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As I stared up at the circular structure in front of me, a question formed in my mind as to why most lighthouses are painted in red & white stripes. It's not as if a ship's Captain is going to be able to see it at night, or was the paint used, a bargain special price if they bought x amount of litres for every lighthouse around the country. no matter the answer, the stripped paint is easily identified from a distance in the daylight at least, as to what this maritime safety structure is. All lighthouses in New Zealand are now fully automated. There is no such thing as a lighthouse keeper in the sense of yesteryear gone. I did often wonder though, what a lighthouse keeper actually did to whittle away time in their job, when not polishing the glass or checking the light bulb. EyeEm Gallery Lighthouse Maritime Night Light Tadaa Community Architecture Built Structure Circular Building Close-up Eye4photography  Iconic Design Landing - Deck Lighthouse Collection Lighthouse Photography Lighthouse_lovers Looking Up Low Angle View Manmade Structure Maritime Photography Red Colour Safety Streamzoofamily Unmanned Warning Danger Well Known Structure