Alameda Caixaparah

Pastor Blanc Suís Pastor Branco Suíço Berger Blanc Suisse White Shepard
my eye Details Of My Life Eye Me Awesome
hmm... Breakfast Café Da Manhã  Light Breakfast Food
big Polo, thor's father Berger Blanc Suisse White Shepard Dog Cao
Beautiful Headband Pearls Portrait
my adorable thor!!! waiting for me in the petshop, after a great bath. White Shepard Dog Thor  Berger Blanc Suisse
Polo Dog Pastor Branco Suíço White Shepard Cachorro
my thor in diferent moments of his life. the picture on the left side is when he was only 3 months, the other one is recent. Dog Thor  White Shepard Berger Blanc Suisse
thor's parents Dog Berger Blanc Suisse White Shepard Cute Couple
luna linda!!!!! Berger Blanc Suisse Pastor Branco Suíço Pastor Blanc Suís White Shepard
just live Pearls Headband Portrait Beautiful