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The Longest Ride Nicholas Sparks
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Recognize this driveway? It's the one you saw Luke (Scott Eastwood) traveling down in the movie THE LONGEST RIDE to arrive at his farm home. Yep, the same home he shared with his mother, where he had the 2nd floor apartment above the barn. You remember...the same barn where Luke gave Sophia (Britt Robertson) riding lessons on his mechanical bull & the then after getting all sweaty & dirty, they ended up back in his apartment making love... The Longest Ride Sky Growth No People Outdoors Day River Driveway Barn
The Longest Ride
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The Longest Ride
On our way to picnic spot Enjoying Life Vehicle Interior Color Explosion People Photography Hanging Out Watching People Colour Of Life Sitting Around Facial Expressions Emotions The Longest Ride Traveling Being Human✌ Wonderful People Together People Around Me
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