Breathtaking Fluffy Clouds White Clear Sky Light Blue Sky Freshness Breath Pure Simplicity Clouds And Sky Cloudporn Arise Reborn Light
bottle splash Arise Beverage Bottle Breakthrough Close-up Freshness Hygiene Impact Indoors  Jumping Off! Motion No People Popped Out Resurgence Splashing Surface Water Rethink Things Visual Creativity The Still Life Photographer - 2018 EyeEm Awards The Creative - 2018 EyeEm Awards
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The walls and the buildings of the churches in this generation may seem broken at present, but If we're eager to demonstrate Christ's love, ready to arise to the call, and willing to be on our knees crying out for this generation. Surely, God will open the flood gates and pour out the Holy Spirit on all flesh. We'll prophesy, we'll see visions, we'll see dreams. The mouth of the Lord Almighty have spoken, so it'll come to pass. Amen! Salvation for you is nearer than ever before "whoever calls on the name of Jesus Christ will be saved." Now is the time of God's favour, now is the time of His salvation. Broken Building Wall Church Arise Holy Spirit God Jesus Christ
Moonrise above Suramadu bridge ASIA Arise Low Angle View Moon Multi Exposure Nightphotography Full Moon Night  Landscape Moonrise No People Suramadu Bridge Wonderful Indonesia The Week On EyeEm Mobility In Mega Cities
Architecture Architecture Arise Building Built Structure City Life Cloud Diagonal Low Angle View Modern No People Perspective Rise Skyscraper Sweden Tall - High
Good morning. No fog lasts. It will brighten up. Rural Escape Vacation Countryside New Day Arise Misty Morning Foggy Morning Hazey Haze Foggy Mist Wooden Cabin Wooden Structure Cabins  Houses Saaremaa Saaremaa Island Morning Good Morning Grass No People Built Structure Field Outdoors
Faeries, come take me out of this dull world, For I would ride with you upon the wind, Run on the top of the dishevelled tide, And dance upon the mountains like a flame. Sunlightmeetsthemountains Magic Arise
The day that is ahead of you is more glories than the dark memories of yesterday Arise Shine Today :) Day Look Ahead Look At Today Go Fourth #favourofgod #dayofsalvation
A lonely tree bud in a hot day Leaf Plant Nature Growth Close-up No People Outdoors Day Sapling Freshness Plant Alone Arise
Sepultura Arise
As for me, I wouldn't mind staying in this moment, but I know there is work to be done! Gotmyeighthours Rest Beautysleep Movingchronicles Restlessmind Awake Arise Happythursday  Shandompost
How many of you have seen squirrel coming close to you when you click your fingers? Squirrel comes closer to us expecting for peanuts when we click our fingers at it. When it realises we don't have any it quickly climb on a tree where it's fortress is. I have gone after many things in life thinking some treasure peanuts awaits me, but as I got closer I found out all those treasures are fictitious, fading, deceiving; unreal. When I came to my right mind I went back to my Fathers house, where my fortress is. When you fall Jesus pick you up whether you love him or not. when you're lost Jesus comes after you whether you know Him or not. And whenever you realise you've been deceived by the world then arise yourself and go to Jesus, His arms wide open on the cross cries out "you've a place of rest on my chest." Go Arise Realise Jesus Christ Armsopen Fortress Tresure Truth Reality
Flower Fragility Nature Growth Beauty In Nature Petal Pink Color Freshness No People Plant Flower Head Outdoors Close-up Day Nursery Garden Vivarium Good Luck Arise Lucky Get Lucky Love Nature Clover Clovers  Check This Out Happiness
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We have God's presence but lacks His power. We're brave but lacks the boldness. The authenticity is there but the authority is missing. Do not get use to the cold and weariness around you. The world and everything around you may be going in an uphill direction but renew your minds for action by changing the ancient ways you've walked in and crave for true spiritual milk so that you may grow up in Christ. Do not get comfortable with the pattern of this world or adjusted with the present stage in life. The Kingdom of God is in power of the Holy Spirit, that uproots the strongholds of the enemy that comes to steal and destroy. Your words are powerful to bear fruit it has life to give growth to others. Except great things and attempt marvellous things by faith in Christ. The mountains will move, the door will open, and wall of the enemy will be trashed unto the ground by the spirit of the Lord, if we're ready to shout the praises of victory. Stumbling Getup Arise Move Fruitful Power Kingdom Of God Holy Spirit Jesus Christ Victory
Creative Light And Shadow Warrior Sword Reflection Fight Fighter Battle Battlefield Warriors Arise
Isow! @mandieme @ande7schan Arise Isow
Arise Mountain Nature Abstract sunset fall
~the light that pierces the darkness~ Orange Color Orange Orange Sky Yellow Yellow Color Brightly Lit Dawn Dawn Of A New Day Awakening Of Nature Rise And Shine Arise Early Mornings Nature Photography Nature Naturelovers Outdoors Outdoor Photography Tree Sunset Dawn Branch Fog Silhouette Tree Trunk Sunlight Forest Plant Part Shining The Great Outdoors - 2018 EyeEm Awards
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