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Asti Maria, an Indonesian domestic worker, does an air kick on top of a mountain in Hong Kong. Adult Adults Only Blue Casual Clothing Clear Sky Day Fighter Full Length Heroine Hijab Kungfu  Leisure Activity Low Angle View Mountain Nature Outdoors People Sitting Sky Sunlight Woman
"Thank you Spider-... Peter, whatever you call yourself. For taking your mask off and reminding me... It's never too late to figure out who you really are." - Black Cat LovetheHorizonProductions Cosplay Cosplayer Black Cat Spiderman Marvel Comic Character White Hair Costume Heroine Yarn
Heroine Hero Dog Love Great History True History Police Force Eis a fiel Cb Bahiense, essa cadela, foi morta no último sábado dia 21, ao defender a guarnição da UPP da Pedra do Sapo, no Complexo do Alemão. Ela denunciou a aproximação de um traste armado com um AK-47, que pretendia atacar os policiais que faziam patrulha na localidade. Ela não só deu o alarme, como com valentia partiu pra dentro do marginal para defender seus amigos policiais. Morreu com um tiro de fuzil, como heroína, mostrando mais racionalidade que muitos pretensos racionais, ao escolher o lado certo da força. E por isso, merece que sua memória seja aqui valorizada como grande companheira dos guerreiros da UPP que sempre foi. Here is the faithful Cb Bahiense, that dog, was killed last Saturday 21, when defending the GC of the UPP of Pedra do Sapo, in Complexo do Alemão in Rio de Janeiro. She denounced the approach of a freighter armed with an AK-47, which was intended to attack police officers patrolling the area. Not only did she give the alarm, but with courage she went inside the marquee to defend her police friends. She died with a rifle shot, like heroin, showing more rationality than many would-be rationals, choosing the right side of the force. And for that, it deserves that its memory here is valued like great companion of the warriors of the UPP that always was. This picture, not make for me, but I need explain this case.
Realize that the world is just need someone to make this become a better place makes me indeed relief lots 💓 Heroine Wall Art Hello World ✌ Challenge School Highschool
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Starfire: "I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am stronger than I look." --- Teen Titans Teen Titans Go Poopsnakesquad LovetheHorizonProductions Starfire HERO Heroine DC Cosplay Cosplay Shoot Cosplayer
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This girl called Corn is a Heroine called Time Keeper XD!! She can control time and fly and stuffsss...Lol Drawing HERO
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She needed a hero, so that is what she became. Beauty Bikini Adult Arts Culture And Entertainment One Woman Only Redhead Fashion Model Fashion Beautiful Woman Standing Females Temptation Females HERO Heroine Superhero Warrior Strong Strongwoman Powerwomen
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