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The people not only to the material wealth, must be content very much. The surrounding person, must be content. In the family, complained that looks down upon each other, slowly deteriorated. The husband and wife must be content. Person who meet you, what is the power industry and lucky. The person who is lucky, I do not want to look for the rich get m Arried, It Is Very Difficult. The People That It Is Inferior To The Day To Calculate, Is It A Destiny, Is The Strength, Can Not Stand Off The Power Industry. The Poor, Poor. I Do Not Have Poor Forder Poverty, Does Not Have The Wisdom. Without Forder, How can the rich. The secular people for the petty, is always hard struggle, the principle of the world, but lost their good deeds in secret, luck is not useful. So everybody should return to the consciousness just before I die, have a look at your Burden of sin, this is quite good. Tao Te Ching said that the road is in turn. I think the achievements, in turn. For example, we think that good for myself, I will be getting more and more. Everyone knows, as for the good person, I often can not be the lucky, it is getting more and more bad. Conversely, not for you, it is good to think for others to heaven, but will not be treated unjustly. But it will be better. The ancients said that was a benefit, do not need to be an official. Being an official should think for the common people like this is an official is meaningful. For the person who I often think, rich or not. Buddhism can be developed for sales), is the spirit that I think of the Buddha, as well as founder Daitokuji type. Why Buddhism can keep it for more than 2000 years, and it is getting more and more prosperous. The founder Daitokuji does not always think of it for all living things. So all living things to repay, the temple, future generations to overhaul. This has also proved that the sky is not to be treated unjustly. For example, the secular, there are more than 70 generations, like the descendants of Confucius to the modern age. Fan Zhongyan is acclaimed by the Indian light master after the first person of Confucius, for the little officer, I think of himself for the benefit of their family, but for the world. So his descendants, the statistics, there are 1.7 million people in the future. It is also the future prosperity. The road is generous. Tibet has words: When the people to think, it is the beginning of the disaster. Donate, will not minus, Conversely, have donated money and prosperity of the motherland. How can the sky to have a deficit excellently. First Eyeem Photo