The Philippine Board of Pork Barrel and Scammers has announced its Topnotchers!!! Pdaf Porkbarrel Porkbarrelscam Shameofthenation millionpeoplemarch killthepork scrappdaf
Rally talaga yan! Ayan dahilan ng pag lakad ko ng malayo kanina at ang sakit ng ulo ko ngayon -.- :'( Porkbarrel
Throwback Cotto -mayweather boxing fight but look closely Revilla family were there front seat pa guess we know where the Porkbarrel goes tsk tsk Politics corrupt
A most unporky meal at Porkbarrel : Bombaychicken Pizza & Chive tempura Eden blackbream
Ang saya-saya noh?! LOL Shameofthenation Pdaf Porkbarrel kababuyan millionpeoplemarch killthepork porkbarrelscam napoles
Guys Igers ManilaIGers ito yung nakalagay sa payslip nyo kaya malaki ang kaltas ng sweldo nyo. Porkbarrel FakeNGO InstaHumor
Porkbarrel Now Thats A Trending Topic! Porkwillalwaysbepork MrPnoy kahit anu pang itwag jan eh PORK pa rin yan sir president...
My motivation Piggybanks Porkbarrel SisterswithHandsomeBrother
"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." Another post about V for Vendetta ?. Cause the movie's just so awesome. ? Vforvendetta  Government Philippines Porkbarrel movie quotes likes instalike
Nguso ni babe NoPork Porkbarrel Wagmagbaboy Napoles baboyka bayaw philippinpig
Learnt a new phrase today: Porkbarrel ... a mini-celebration of sorts, though we've not received any benefits thus far ;-)
Ano ba 'yan Napoles Lagi nalang... HINDI KO PO ALAM! HINDI PO TOTOO 'YUN. I INVOKE MY RIGHT... Napolesph Porkbarrel
Usapang kababoyan lamang ba.. ?Porkbarrel ?, ?HappyNationalHereosDay🎊
Fambam Piggybank Porkbarrel Foodporn
Friends will always make you realize that you can love life even without a lovelife Porkbarrel Piggybank Mysistersbitches
Let us all stand for our right and fight against corruption! Let our voice be heard! ABOLISH PORK!!! Abolish Porkbarrel Corruption Fight anti millionpeoplemarch 8/26 philippines government
Love et hahaha Barbeque Porkbarrel Instafood
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