GM Klang

this is called excitement!
hujannnnnn kat GM Klangg. sangku5 kat sini. tkboleh balikkk :/
Perhaps it's the most beautiful world in a child's mind.. Now I understood why "ignorance is bliss"... But, I'll also note, " once you've tried, you'll never stop" like a drug... Cute Bunny  Toy Minifigures Bruno90 Handmade Handicraft ArtWork Clay Sculpture Synergy
patato beef with rice ... #ChineseMuslimFood Table Plate Still Life Close-up Food And Drink Serving Size Dish Rice Served
Batik Retail  Retail Display Store Art And Craft For Sale Representation Human Representation Mannequin Collection
Roundabout at residential areas Water Tree Rural Scene Sport Sky Grass Landscape TOWNSCAPE Tiled Roof  Housing Settlement Human Settlement Residential District Settlement Town Residential Building Rooftop Office Building