Updharmadown kind of night. Perfect for this weather. @up_dharma_down @armimillare Goodmusic
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Updharmadown Gig Bacolod Band Maybe Raise Your Hand Atmosphere Music Musician
though we all have our little infidelities it doesn't mean that it's all right Updharmadown Sleeptalk
@up_dharma_down playing Tadhana. 19east Updharmadown GoodTimes Instagramthatshit goodmusic
Waiting for Up Dharma Down here at 19 East! Instagramthatshit Awesome GoodTimes Updharmadown 19east saturdate
Babies Updharmadown Awesome People Awesome Music Imisshome
Thrilled for tomorrow! Updharmadown Awesome
Got struck once again. This time I've incorporated words --lyrics to be exact. ✏ Sketches Pencil Profile Woman Luna Updharmadown KaARTehanNiMel DrawingNiMel Mythoughtsexactly
@up_dharma_down hangover! Last Saturday at 19 East. Goodmusic GoodTimes Updharmadown OPM instagramthatshit
Up Dharma Down's last gig here at 19 East. What a way to end 2013. Goodmusic Updharmadown @up_dharma_down @armimillare
All for the love of @up_dharma_down @armimillare Goodmusic Updharmadown Route196
Signed cd by @up_dharma_down awesome gig at 19 East! Instagramthatshit GoodTimes Goodmusic Updharmadown
Tattoo Updharmadown "Ako, sila'y nandito na/ Ikaw na lang ang kulang"
UDD concert Nightlife Music Red Arts Culture And Entertainment Laser Technology Fun Popular Music Concert People Stage - Performance Space Performing Arts Event UDD Updharmadown Baguio City Philippines Concert Photography Concerts & Events Indoors  First Eyeem Photo
UDD concert Red Arts Culture And Entertainment Music Stage Light Stage - Performance Space Illuminated Excitement Performance Nightlife Night Popular Music Concert Audience Rock Music People Indoors  Philippines Baguio City Concert Photography Updharmadown UDD Performing Arts Event First Eyeem Photo Indoors  Indoors  Concerts & Events
Awesome Saturday. Good food + beer + good music. Instagramthatshit Saturdate Updharmadown Borough capacities
@up_dharma_down @armimillare on a gloomy Thursday morning. @udd Updharmadown Shapedapp
With Armi of Updharmadown and the photobomb guy :)) Instagood Awesome GoodTimes 19east
@armimillare dancing in indak's official music video. 😍😍😍😍😍 Indak Updharmadown UDD